US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Sits With Students To Discuss Gun Violence

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Elementary school students in the 3rd Ward crowded into a gymnasium to participate in a lecture by a guest speaker.

“Is this the type of gun that you should have?”

” NO!”

” Should you be on the street with this type of gun?”

” NO!”

That’s Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. She says she’ll use her influence in the house to push against the threatened filibuster in the Senate.

She wants schools to be secured by armed guards, not by teachers with guns.

“I think there are Houstonians who believe in this and I think there are Americans who believe in this, and Congress must be guided by America’s wishes and desires, we are the representatives of the people.”

Sean Holcomb is a teacher at Koinonia Community Learning Academy. He says talking about guns in school is important. His young students are already familiar with gun violence.

“Their families usually carry guns or they wake up to sometimes to policemen sometimes raiding their houses looking for those types of weapons, so they’re actually very knowledgeable about guns. They know about them. They know what to do with them and they know what they can and cannot do.”

Holcomb says that youth violence in an epidemic larger than laws, but still commends legislators’ efforts to do something about it. The Senate will cast its first vote on President Obama’s gun-control proposals on Thursday.

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