F12W: People Call Me Dosa Man

I am so honored to have participated in the New School’s Feet in 2 Worlds workshop in NYC this weekend. Check out the full story on Cowbird.

We had an assignment prompt: Tastes Like Home. This is what I produced.

“My name is Thiru Kumar, people call me the Dosa Man.”

“Jaffna Lunch, it’s number 6 on the menu, it’s like 4 little dosas, comes with the dry coconut everything, this is a special weekly lunch. It’s the only place you can get it here, my grandmother taught me how to make it, you can only buy it from my cart, nobody makes it.”

“I learned most of this stuff from my grandmother, and you have to put love into it when you cook, otherwise it won’t be tasty.”

“This is Masala Dosa, so this is the second time I’m coming over here because it tastes yummy and I’m from India, so this is our food, like this is South Asian food, It reminds me of my home place, my land, right, India.”

“Every day is a best day, when the weather is nice, sun is out, everyone’s here.”

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